The   expression   Punching   above   one’s   weight ”   has   long   been   deemed   to be   a   compliment   in   recognition   of   a   person,   team   or   organization   that   is exceeding expectations. Whinging   above   one’s   weight ”   ( a   less   common   expression,   in   fact   I   may have    just    coined    it)    is    recognition    of    a    person,    team    or    organization demanding   attention   or   claiming   some   sort   of   redress   out   of   all   proportion   to their   position   in   or   value   to   society.   Most   people   find   their   agendas   largely irrelevant and their self promotion attempts just plain annoying. This   site   will   comment   on   the   second   category   in   a   manner   that   is   not tolerated   by   most   social   media   today.   I   will   respectfully   and   politely   offer some   opinions   that   don’t   often   get   expressed   in   politically   correct   circles because,   God   forbid,   they   may   offend   someone   or   something   somehow and we can’t have that can we.   I   don’t   solicit   comments.   I   don’t   seek   validation   from   those   who   may   agree with   me   and   I   can   read   all   the   other   opinions   elsewhere   without   being deemed a troll or worse for responding with an alternate opinion. If you don’t like my Blog, start your own. This site is obviously under construction, your patience is appreciated.
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Cyclists I can’t be the only one who notices that cyclists only cycle in nice weather despite their protestations to the contrary. Toronto City council actually approved a request to close half of Woodbine Avenue to motorists and give it to cyclists for their exclusive use year round. I drove the length of Woodbine and back recently at noon on a nice summer weekday to see for myself the severity of the deprivation currently being endured by cyclists. I saw 5 cyclists on the miles of road in question and probably hundreds of motor vehicles. Don’t believe it? Check out Google street view, they won’t lie to you either.  I don’t ride a bike, haven’t for years, but I have no problem with those who do in a manner that respects others cyclists, pedestrians and motor vehicle drivers with whom they share the road. I guess the share part is where we have a problem. The cyclist pressure groups would have us believe that cyclists must have their exclusive bike lanes everywhere plus be allowed to ride in other lanes of traffic and the side walk when they so choose. Not my definition of sharing, let’s establish motor vehicle lanes (no bikes) and ban bikes from side walks just like cars, sounds fair to me. Oh, and let’s licence bikes, I don’t care what it costs.  Don’t you love the guy who rides in the middle of a traffic lane pretending to be a motor vehicle and holding up traffic until the cars in the lane he is “sharing” stop for a traffic light at which instant he is no longer content to be a car and slides over to the curb to pass on the inside all the cars that he used to demand equality with. If you are stepping off a street car watch out for this guy. UPDATE. This mid-morning, a week day with above freezing temperatures and no precipitation. I drove Bloor St W from Islington to Spadina and spotted exactly ONE cyclist.  

Carbon tax etc proposals

The only plan I will even listen to is a plan where the Government does not have access to the money being shuffled around. Not one penny for one second. I think their enthusiasm for saving the planet under this restraint would be markedly diminished. I really try hard to understand the path and time lines of these various proposals but have yet to see the point at which emissions are actually required to be reduced by anyone or any consequence for not doing so. All I see is money flowing into government coffers. If our governments’ intent is to reduce emissions from the use of fossil fuels rather than use the pretence of doing so as a vehicle to extract more tax money from you and me, which I doubt, I have a solution. It is called rationing. Every man, woman and child with a S.I.N. number gets the entitlement to purchase “X” number of litres of fossil fuel from the usual vendors to do with as they wish. They can burn it in their vehicle, sell it to someone or bury it in the backyard, their choice. The government involvement will consist only of printing and distributing the paper work letting the people decide how to handle the logistics. Please notice the politicians do not touch any money under this system. Rationing worked during war time and will work again if the public believe it is necessary. Politicians will have a chance to show us how committed they are to combatting “global warming” by putting their jobs on the line in the next election by establishing this solution.  


They are vehemently opposed to standard testing of any kind. Probably because eventually the poor results published may shift the remedial focus to an examination of the teachers and the system rather than the students. Yikes!


Streetcars in mixed traffic are so 1900. I love railways, anything on flanged wheels, I have thousands of dollars worth of artifacts, photos, books and models related to them but I don't lament the passing of the steam locomotive on any rational level, only on a nostalgic level. The same level you are stuck on with trolley cars. 


Most suburbanites live in the suburbs because they want to. If they ever noticed your whining about how wasteful and sinful their lifestyle is they would probably try to get help for you. One thing they won't do is lecture you about your choices of where and how to live.

The Homeless

Why are they homeless? If they are homeless where are they living now? Where did they come from and why? I would like answers to these questions before I feel good about spending more of my municipal tax dollars on them. Assuming that they are Canadian citizens that choose for whatever reason to live in Toronto and could leave tomorrow shouldn’t supporting them be the sole responsibility of the Federal government. The Feds are quite comfortable taxing citizens no matter where they reside in Canada why should this support/reverse tax be any different?  

Street People

I am sorry but that is my street you are cluttering up and begging on, I would like you to bugger off and grace some other city with your presence ASAP. Thank you in advance for your prompt attention to this matter.

Child Care, (Babysitting)

I can understand why many people would rather go to work than stay home with their children, they can be quite a handful at times. I don’t understand why the taxpayers (read you and me) are expected to pay for subsidised baby sitting. Simply put, if your paycheque doesn’t cover your babysitter costs you should not be working, stay home. Better still stay home and take in a child or two and make more money than if you went out to work every day. Win win.

Personal pronouns

The solution was revealed recently in a letter to the editor, If you don’t like he or she you can use “it”, a common non-gender specific  pronoun. Problem solved.

First Nations, Aboriginals, Indians

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Drug overdose fatalities

Why does society set their hair on fire when some unfortunate person dies because they injected themselves with some substance in a back alley? If the same guy jumped out of an airplane and for some reason, assuming he was wearing a parachute, created a large stain somewhere we shrug it off as bad luck. If instead he chose to climb a mountain and was carried away in an avalanche never to be seen again we light some candles and tell each other what a great guy he was. All three deaths occurred as the consequence of an act of pure self gratification gone wrong yet we deplore the first and ignore the other two even though they were completely within the law and the first death was a result of broken laws.  We don’t universally deplore the death obviously it must be the method, illegal drug use, mental illness and poverty. A solution lies in the elimination of all three in an ideal world but this is not an ideal world or you wouldn’t be reading this. Assuming that drug use is the  uncommon factor here (unless all three victims were high at the time of their demise) that’s where we should concentrate our efforts. One: Arrest all the drug dealers and confiscate their inventory. We know this is impossible so let’s move on. Two: Since we can’t eliminate the sellers let’s eliminate the buyers and the sellers will go away. Round up all the problem users, we know who they are, and move them off the street and into a drug free facility for as long as it takes to replace their addiction with a purpose to live that doesn’t include begging and stealing to pay for their addiction. Round up any dealers who don’t leave town and place them in the same facility as the addicts, let them get to know each other in a non transactional environment. What could go wrong? Three: If the solutions outlined above are considered an invasion of the addicts’ rights and lifestyle let’s respect that and do nothing. Darwin will rid us of the addicts and the dealers will run out of customers. Not good planning on their part but it works for us.

Homosexual/Gay/Queer folks.

I don’t hate homosexuals but I am weary of the constant and not so subtle message that I do and everyone else does too. I don’t understand the stimuli that they apparently respond to but I don’t understand Astrology or Acupuncture either yet I am still a nice person. Please leave me alone.    Little children and kittens can frolic with gay abandon but never be considered queer. Homosexuals can frolic with gay abandon too but it is kind of queer. Let’s clarify this situation by henceforth not confusing homosexuals with kittens or little children and refer to them as queer instead of gay. After all it is their word, let’s use it. The LGBTQ acronym is way more information than the general public needs or even bothers to parse when it is enough to identify a person as a Christian without a cryptic ACMBTUN trailer. Get over yourselves folks, this ship sailed long ago, no one cares or even notices you any more or is that your real problem? It is time for you to put away the banners and flags and get on with your lives.