First Nations, Aboriginals, Indians

At first contact the aboriginals were a stone age people with none of the advantages they have today thanks to the arrival of the white man. The tribes did not get along well with their neighbours, there was no National or even Regional resemblance of government or diplomatic arrangements. They were much more likely to prey on each other for fun and profit and the losers did not fare so well , they were murdered, tortured and enslaved if they survived at all. OK, the world in the 1800’s was a little less sensitive than now but we white guys have progressed much more than they have. Today they have many advantages and tools that their ancestors couldn’t have dreamed of and still it is not enough. If they  choose to stay on a Reservation (although not required to do so) they have been given water and sanitation systems, housing and fire fighting equipment that they simply refuse to maintain. Did they ever ask their chiefs what happened to the billions of dollars they are given every year? Recently, Aboriginal leaders have promoted themselves and their constituents to the stature of “partners” in the development of our fair country in past and current affairs.  Did they not notice that, if not outright war, many confrontational events occurred in which winners and losers were declared. The Aboriginals won very few if any significant decisions.  Generalisation is unfair, many aboriginals have left the reservation and made a satisfying successful life for themselves and good for them. My question is why are so many still on the reservation pretending to be traditional hunters and gatherers like their ancestors but failing so badly?  Every time the question comes up they start pounding those stupid drums and chanting. Don’t they understand that you can’t thump and think at the same time, that’s why they are handed the drums - to prevent them from thinking. Cultural appropriation is all the rage lately, you know, sports teams named for Indian tribes. Can we expect the aggrieved spokesmen to park their snowmobiles outside their brand new tent (who needs a house), take off those cowboy outfits and go fishing or hunting without their outboard motors and fire arms? I doubt it. If they are so obsessed about their culture why are they so heavily invested in the white mans’? BREAKING NEWS!! Some archeologists claim to have found evidence of human presence in North America many thousands of years earlier than previously thought. If true does this bump our “First Nations” to second place? Return to home page